Project Description

As part of a casual joint birthday party for a mother and her daughter, I created twin birthday cakes according to each of their tastes: one an organic buttermilk cake with fresh mango frosting and the other a hot milk cake with vanilla cream frosting. The family also requested an Austrian-style yellow sheet cake with lemon cream frosting to feed the larger guest list.

Michaela catered an extraordinary meal for my daughter’s birthday party, highlighted by gorgeous handmade cakes the parents are still talking about! She used only high quality, organic ingredients—going above and beyond to freshly squeeze red beets in order to make a natural pink dye for my daughter’s cake frosting. The cakes not only looked beautiful, but (unlike most custom cakes) they were delicious too! Michaela was easy to work with, a pleasure to have at the event and left my kitchen clean and tidy afterwards. But the best part was her unique vision for the event. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
Andrea H.