Project Description

This fun shower was Austrian-themed for an Austrian-born mother, including all Austrian dishes. My favorite part was making traditional Austrian lebkuchenhertz, or large, decorative cookies, which I inscribed in frosting with the mother-to-be’s pet names from her childhood and hung as part of the party’s décor. I also made miniature lebkuchenhertz to give out as party favors.

When we decided to throw an Austrian-themed baby shower for my Austrian girlfriend, we knew Michaela would do a beautiful job but we never expected it to be so perfect! Michaela had asked us to collect a list of cute nicknames my friend had been given as a child. She used them to create the sweetest German gingerbread heart cookies you’d ever seen! Each one had a different nickname like “Susse” (sweetie), “Kleine” (little one), etc. It was an incredible touch that turned cookie favors into a very meaningful surprise!
Denise R.