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Michaela Stern

Michaela was born and raised in the snowy peaks of Austria and started to cook with her mother and grandparents as soon as she was tall enough to reach the stovetop. She always felt at home in the kitchen and started to bake delicacies for special occasions by age ten when she discovered the magic and memories her treats could create. At 19 she moved to West Berlin where she worked as a private chef, cooked in a local kindergarten and attended cooking classes whenever possible.

The Cake Boss "Buddy" with Michaela Stern

The Cake Boss “Buddy”

In the late 80’s, Michaela moved to Santa Monica, CA, and took over an office lunch delivery company, improving sales by introducing her homemade gourmet sandwiches and Austrian desserts. After taking ten years off to raise her children. Michaela started to bake professionally again, this time supplying specialty Austrian cookies to Nordstrom for their coffee shop in Salt Lake City.

During this time Michaela became very interested in the effects of diet and nutrition on health. She studied vegetarian, vegan, raw and specialized diets for weight loss, diabetes, food allergies and other health issues. Cooking delicious but healthy meals from organic and locally sourced ingredients became a passion.

Today Michaela enjoys working with her clients in Park City and the Salt Lake Valley to support all kinds of dietary needs and culinary tastes, whether as a personal chef for family, vacation or holiday meals or catering for small events. Michaela believes in bringing quality, flavor and a personal touch to every meal she makes.

Please call or text Michaela to learn more: 801.688.1668